Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about the NNPHL online course are listed below. Please contact us if your questions have not been answered below.

Will the NNPHL Online Course be offered in other languages?

At the moment we only offer the course in English, but we are exploring ways to offer the course in other languages in the future.

Is the NNPHL Online Course Free?

Yes, the NNPHL Online Course is an open access course and is free of charge.

Why do I have to register and provide personal information for a free online course?

NNPHL is funded by the US Government and a requirement for our program is to provide quantifiable data regarding groups reached through this online course. Your information will remain private.

How do I return to my course after logging out?

To log back in to your coursework, please click on Login | Logout at the top of the homepage. You will be asked to provide your login information. Once you are logged in, please click on My Course at the top of the homepage, and you will see the available modules listed on the page.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the NNPHL Online Course?

Yes, upon completion of the course, you will be able to access a certificate of completion on the my course page.

Is the Online Course the same as the NNPHL Leadership Training course?

No, the NNPHL Online Course is a separate course for anyone interested in humanitarian leadership. In addition to the NNPHL Online Course, NNPHL offers intensive blended learning programs for full time national and local humanitarian practitioners working in the humanitarian sector. Please see the NNPHL Leadership Training page for more information.

Will this qualify me to participate in the in-person leadership training courses?

No, the completion of this course will not qualify users to participate in the NNPHL Leadership Training program. The NNPHL Leadership Training program is designed for national and local humanitarian professionals that are mid-level in their career with experience working in emergencies.

Please see the NNPHL webpage for more information and eligibility criteria.

Will completing this course give me an advantage if I apply for the NNPHL Leadership Training program?

No, the completion of this course will not give applicants an advantage in the application process.

The NNPHL Online Course was a requirement for my place of work or study. How do I show proof that I completed the course?

Once you have completed the entire course, you will be able to access a certificate on your My Course page.